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Finding the right motorcycle paint for your bike can be challenging enough - but finding a whole new bike can be even harder. Especially when the bike you want is something like an old CT70 or cool Sportster Iron 883. Where do you even start?  We are here to help. Finding your new old bike The first step in finding your new old bike is figuring out which Make, Model, and year of motorcycle you like the most. Spend some time just browsing sites like It can be easy to go “down the rabbit hole” on a site this...

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Painting an old Honda motorcycle can be a really rewarding project. It can be a big project for the everyday rider, but if you are serious about your bike, painting your motorcycle can take it to a whole new level and make it feel like you are riding a brand new bike for less than you might think. If you have been thinking about painting your Honda motorcycle, here are some things you can consider to help you make the right decision. Painting a Honda Motorcycle So if you have been thinking about painting your bike there are a few things...

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