Our Story

We were looking to paint a couple of restored Panhead Harleys. Realizing that these vintage productions used paints no longer in use, we ended up taking trips down to the Harley-Davidson museum to hand match it ourselves. The project turned out great. But not without trial and error, and determination to restore the bikes to as original as possible. Realizing others needed help getting bikes back to all their glory, we started taking on a few customers. It was Harleys at first, then the requests for Hondas and Yamahas came. Now we have mixed and shipped paints to customers all over the USA for almost 15 years.

We're located in Montana, still just a small shop mixing paints when the call comes in. You know, talking with folks about their bikes and getting to know the history and how they came about them is why we enjoy our business. We have an enthusiasm and love for restoring old bikes.