Welcome to VMR Paints, #1 shop for Vintage Honda, Yamaha and Harley Paints

You may have heard about us on the Honda forums, or from a buddy who put on a stellar paint job using VMR's paints, perhaps stumbled acrossed us on the big ol' internet. Well, you've come to the right place. We specialze in ONLY motorcycle paints. Not boats, not skidoos, jetskis or cars, just motorcycles.

We carry many colors tried and true, among them the ever popular Honda CT70's OEM colors, but we're hard pressed to have them all. All of our paint colors are listed on the website by the OEM names, like Egyptian Ivory for Harley-Davidson, Candy Ruby Red for the CT70. You can type in "Ruby Red" and find your selection.

Our paints are offered in 3 sizes (except for Special Orders): pint, 1.5 pint (24 oz) and quart. We also sell high-quality 2K urethane grey primer and 2K gloss clearcoats for your one stop needs. Many of our paints can also be put into rattle cans (aerosol) for those who prefer, available on the website when you make your size selection.

We may not be the lowest priced, but our paints are the BEST VALUE because we use the highest quality toners. Quality paint with proper application will make your bike shine with long lasting results.

***PLEASE remember to do a sprayout test on a new test panel or card. Our satisfaction guarantee and customer resolution is ONLY valid as long as the paint has not been applied to the bike.***

While we strive to make perfect matches to every existing paint job, the nature of paint is it can fade, be contaminated with residual substance/solvents on the bike, or even subtly changed by an improperly cleaned spray gun. We will make every effort to help resolve the mismatch or issue from the test panel.

VMR Paints also has 8oz sample cans (paint can only) for purchase, not listed on the website, for those wishing to match before a large purchase. Please reach out or email us at contact@vmrpaints.com to inquire.