Bright Sapphire (special order)
The Mix Ratio for this paint is 1:1 and comes mixed with reducer.
This is a 2 stage paint and requires the following for proper application:
  • Basecoat
  • Clearcoat


Bright Sapphire (special order)

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Premium Harley-Davidson Basecoat colors like Bright Sapphire are custom mixed from top grade pigments, pearls and advanced acrylic urethane technology to match every Harley-Davidson motorcycle paint color from VMR Paints.

Our Harley-Davidson Bright Sapphire is custom mixed for your unique project needs and are formulated for:

  • low build
  • fewer coats
  • easy application

Harley-Davidson motorcycle touch ups are easier than ever, and we carry everything you will need to produce a professional matte or high gloss chemical resistant finish on your Bright Sapphire paint project.
Due to their unique chemical make-up they require an acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel top coat to complete the application.

Many base coats contain expensive pearls and/ or special flakes required for formulating the Harley-Davidson OEM color to match your Harley-Davidson touch up painting or restoration a success.

VMR Paints ® is a leading U.S paint distributor for Harley-Davidson vintage and modern motorcycle paints specially formulated to match OEM colors. We custom mix only the very best paints distributed by PPG, Cromax and House of Kolor. VMR Paints mixes the highest quality restoration paint for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.These formulas are mixed from the top grade of pigments, pearls and advanced acrylic urethane technology to create the unique Bright Sapphire paint that you are searching for.

Spot-On Match Guarantee (special orders excluded):If you are not 100% satisfied with our VMR Paint products and color match your Bright Sapphire, we will make it right or refund your purchase.