Why Choose an ADV Motorcycle

Why Choose an ADV Motorcycle

Adventure motorcycles or ADVs are becoming a popular choice for those riders looking to go touring and sport-touring. But, why is that the case?

There are several reasons as to why ADV bikes are becoming more and more popular amongst riders who enjoy touring. They include many features that make them ideal for eating up miles, on any terrain too, such as large wheels, long travel suspension, good fuel range and comfortable ergonomics to name just a few.

Here are our reasons why ADVs make excellent touring bikes and why you should choose the ADV lifestyle.


Some riders consider modern day ADVs to be the be the pinnacle of motorcycling in terms of technology. And it makes sense. These are bikes made to perform adequately on-road and off-road. Many manufacturers are using the R&D that MotoGP and Dakar bikes use! Wheel combinations of 21”/18” or 19”/17” help rider and machine roll over obstacles effortlessly and improve the handling on soft or uneven surfaces. A 19” front wheel could well be the best compromise between seat height and handling off-road and on tarmac.

The longer suspension travel adds more ground clearance for harsh terrain, giving the bike the ability to do some serious off-road touring. It can also be beneficial in town, when dealing with potholes or pavements. ADV bikes also tend to have large fuel tanks and great fuel efficiency, which is needed when touring some parts of the world where gas stations are a rare sight.

Ergonomics & Comfort

Many modern day ADV machines come with tons of rider aids as standard. Most have ABS, traction control, and different riding modes for different surfaces and weathers. These are all technological helps to make a rider feel safer.

They also help a rider with confidence, and with when you feel confident, the ride becomes more fun. The downside is that if you get used to these aids and swap to a bike without them, you may struggle initially.

Creature comforts such as cruise control and heated grips also come straight from the factory. Some ADVs will even have a heated rear seat. You will also find a USB charging port where you can plug in any number of devices and accessories without having to worry about draining the battery.

An upright riding position on these bikes gives great visibility and comfort. The ergonomic combination of low pegs and high bars makes technical riding easy, relieves pressure off your neck, arms, wrists, back, knees, and hips, making them ideal for long journeys. And the adjustable suspension adds extra comfort when carrying weight.


Customizing an ADV is part of the fun of owning one. There is a huge selection of OEM and aftermarket equipment, plus tons of support. You can modify the performance, luggage system, crash protection, lighting, and a whole range of electronics. You might even fancy adding a winch to your motorcycle. Even the number of tires available will make the mind boggle. Not to mention the spec for a new paint job using high-quality professional motorcycle paint.

There is also a ton of gear designed for adventure riding, from helmets with built-in coms to all-weather, all-seasons riding suits. Some of it is genuinely the best riding gear available on the market.

Serviceability, Reliability and Affordability

ADV bikes are usually easier to work on than most bikes. They have minimal bodywork to remove, giving easier access to the engine and the important components that require maintenance, inspections, and cleaning. With more and more technological advancements, the service intervals for ADVS, and all motorcycles in general, are increasing. Components and materials for these bikes, however, are designed to tackle harsh and extended use. Most large displacement ADV motorcycles use shaft drive, so no need to worry about chain maintenance.

While new, large and fully equipped machines can come with a high price tag, there are plenty of second-hand models or smaller displacements available. Lighter and smaller bikes have their benefits too. They cost less, don’t wear through materials and consumables as fast, and are easier to handle and on your body off-road. They do tend to mean slower highways speeds and perhaps less miles in the fuel tank, they are still great fun to ride and will get you where you want to go.

The ADV Experience

The most appealing aspect of ADV riding is that there are no limits to where you can go on two wheels. You can scratch your itch for adventure without a problem.

You will meet loads of new people on your journey and that is part of the ADV lifestyle. Locals will always strike up conversations over your motorcycle and wondering where you are from. Being able to take the back routes means you don’t miss out on villages, scenery and locations you would have missed if you stuck to the highway.

Furthermore, the ADV community is friendly, diverse, and constantly growing. ADV and dual-sport events around the USA are booming, and they are a great place to meet other riders who are into the lifestyle, share stories, and to learn from each other. And while the media loves the large displacement motorcycles, most riders prefer smaller machines, so you will find a huge variety of bikes at these meets, from 125cc all the way to large 1400cc.

It doesn’t matter if you are just spending a weekend away or planning to travel the world, one thing is certain: nowhere is out of bounds on an ADV. Venture into the unknown and leave behind the security of paved roads, streetlights, service stations and cell phone service.

Adventure tourer motorcycles are built to tackle anything life throws at them and to be reliable through it all. The less you have to worry about your motorcycle, the more you can enjoy the ride and scenery. You can sit in the saddle of an ADV for hours and still feel comfortable and relaxed.

Every bike has its benefits and its cons, and ADVs are no different. However, their benefits very much outweigh the cons, they are versatile, reliable and will get you where you want to go, wherever that may be.