Top Tips for Keeping Your Motorbike Safe While Travelling

Top Tips for Keeping Your Motorbike Safe While Travelling

We know a lot of you have had to postpone or cancel trips, and we don’t know when we will be allowed to ride again. These are mad times, and here at VMR Paints we would like to wish the very best to everyone, stay safe and follow your government’s advice. We too are dying to get back on the open road, and this is why we have made this article for you guys. In the meantime, you can always give your bike a new look with some professional motorcycle paint.

It would be no surprise to see bikers out in masses once we are allowed to, so, it is important to know how to keep your bike safe when travelling through unfamiliar lands. This article is here to help you do just that!


It sounds obvious, we know, but even this trusty author has been known to accidentally leave his keys in the ignition. The aim of keeping your bike safe is to make it harder to steal and leaving the keys in is the easiest way for your bike to get stolen. Always remember to put the steering lock on and remove the keys.


Finding the best parking spot isn’t just about parking right in front of where you want to be. It also needs to be safe, with other bikes if possible, in a well lit and busy area to deter thieves away. Even better if there is CCTV nearby. Some hotels and hostels might have their own parking spaces with CCTV, if not, you can always ask the manager or receptionist nicely to help you find somewhere safe. Maybe a local store owner has a garage. Or you can even tip a nearby security guard to keep an eye on your ride during the night.


Locks are a vital part of keeping your bike safe wherever you go. But if you are travelling light, a hefty security chain lock might not be the best companion. In this case consider a disk lock, or maybe even a chain or D-lock that fits under your seat. Each type of chain has its advantages and disadvantages.

Disk locks are self-explanatory, they are locks which lock on to your brake disks and act as a deterrent for thieves. However, for many of us, the only accessible disk is the front brake. The front tire can be easily removed or lifted, and your bike wheeled into the back of a truck. That is why it is recommended to compliment a disk lock with a chain and an alarm. However, this type of lock is a lot smaller and easier to carry.

A chain lock allows you to chain your bike to an immovable object. You can thread the chain or metal cable through the rear wheel or frame and then to your closest post. Even if there is nowhere to tie the chain to, you can always wrap it around the wheel and the frame, making it twice as hard to remove. And while they are the most recommended type of security measure, they do take up a lot of space.

We recommend a small chain or another type of lock which fits under your seat but is also strong enough for the job at hand.


Thieves are always looking out for specific bikes. Make it harder for them by covering your bike up. It doesn’t have to be an expensive cover, any cover will do, like a tarpaulin for example. Plus, a tarpaulin has many other uses, ideal for the travelling rider. Also, a flashy bike parked in a rundown bit of town will draw attention to it. A cover acts as your invisibility cloak.


Whether your bike comes with an alarm or you fit an aftermarket one, we recommend having one and using one. Professionally fitted and insurance approved alarms can not only help reduce the cost of your insurance, but can come with immobilizers, tracking devices and much more, so they are worth every penny you spend on installing one.

What About My Gear?

Travelling around in the hot sun covered in biker gear is never an enjoyable experience. You can buy cables or security netting which lock. The cables can be thread through trouser legs, arms and your helmet to keep all your gear safe and locked. And a netting will do the same job of keeping your clothes safe by locking them in a net. Always consider buying a net bigger than you need to allow for this. Nets are great for keeping luggage safe too, hence buying a bigger one than you need. You can also thread a chain lock through your helmet if you are using a net to keep your clothes safe.

Saddle Bags

Saddle Bags are a deterrent, there is no doubt about that. However, they can be opened with a hammer and a crowbar. That being said, a thief with such tools will be noticeable and more than likely heard, but just bear in mind that the saddle bags you thought was as good as a bank vault, might not be if the thief is determined enough.


Tanks bags are great. They are handy, can store a fair amount of stuff and are there, right in front of you while you ride. And thieves know that. They also know that is likely where all your valuables are and your documents such as your passport or visas. We are not saying don’t get a tank bag but get one you can attach securely to your bike and don’t store all your valuables in there. Spread it out and keep as much as you can on you, especially something like your passport.

Make it Difficult

The bottom line is this: if someone wants to really steal your treasure, they will. The aim here is to make it as difficult as possible for them to do that. And that is by any means necessary. Use common sense and keep your bike safe while you travel.

We hope to see you all back on the road soon!