Motorcycle Mods You May Not Realize are Useless pt.2

Motorcycle Mods You May Not Realize are Useless pt.2

You have already read part one, so here are more pointless mods that squids insist on installing on their bike, despite all the evident negatives.

Let’s check out ten more motorcycle mods you may not realize are useless.

Loud Pipes

A good exhaust system can improve the bike’s entire aesthetics. However, some prefer to simply go for extremely loud pipes. Loud pipes don’t save lives and revving your bike so loud that you can be heard blocks away is not equal to having a monster machine. Plus, some of these slip-on exhausts do nothing to help improve performance.

We are not against a nice sounding high-quality exhaust system, it just needs to be done properly, and that is where squids fail.


Nobody in the community is sure where “slamming” your bike came from, but we know it is out of control. Agreed, a bike whose wheel frames are mere centimeters off the ground looks impressive. But doing this to a bike is purely for show reasons, as on any regular road it majorly increases the chances of a blow-out. Furthermore, it affects the handling. The bike won’t have the same maneuverability or reaction time as a non-modified motorcycle. The frame drags, so its slower and can’t respond as well as standard machines.

Hidden Turn Signals

This mod is not only useless, but it borderlines on stupid. Squids will go to extreme lengths to hide their turn signals and change the look of their bike. They are technically still following the traffic laws but hiding your turn signals is still a bad idea. Other road users can’t see the warnings you are giving them of your intentions to make a turn. You don’t see your own turn signals while riding, they are designed to help a rider be seen, so why change that? It only makes it more dangerous for the rider.


A small amount of chrome can enhance certain parts and improve the overall aesthetics of certain motorcycles. Can be helpful for repairs or to showcase a stunning part. But we all know by now that some riders take it too far and will make every inch of their ride chrome. Adding chrome to every inch of your bike makes the bike perform worse and makes it harder to do certain moves. It also is ridiculously expensive, especially if you have to replace anything if it gets damaged, which it will. Just use high-quality motorcycle paint to give your bike a cool new look.

Huge Tires

We already mentioned the mentality of “bigger is better” in the previous list, and this is another example. Most riders will know that having the right tire for your ride is essential for the motorcycle to work and ride properly. It requires balance and power to make it flow well, and the bike is designed with a certain wheel and tire in mind. However, some will think that a huge rear tire is a great idea. It actually makes for a worse ride, as a tire that is too big for the frame worsens performance and will slow the ride down. It causes long term damage too, as it affects a large part of the chassis. Just stick to tire your bike is designed to have.

Licenses Plate Obscurers

Side license plate holder are a pretty bad idea to begin with, and yet people think they are a good idea and put them at an angle to somehow set themselves apart from other “boring” riders. It is still legal and a personal preference. Much worse are the license plate obscurers. The logic behind these is that the rider has a license plate, even if it can’t be seen. To other riders it gives the impression that the rider enjoys doing illegal moves on the bike and doesn’t want to get caught. Plus, this mod is illegal in several states and can result in a serious fine and some major trouble. Another mod that is not only pointless, but dangerous and foolish too.

Chassis Lighting

Movies are to blame for the craze of kitting out your motorcycle with tons of LED lights around the chassis. Doing it on cars is more popular but still looked at as a problem, but it looks even worse on motorcycles. Running these LEDs takes up a lot of energy from the battery and they do add some extra weight to the bike, as little as that may be. They can also crack easily and cause major issues. It is a waste of money when all you achieve is making your motorcycle look like a float in a theme park parade.

Removed Mirrors

This is a mod that we don’t only consider useless, but dangerous too. We have no idea where the idea that removing the mirrors off your bike reduces drag and thus increases speed, but it is an idea squids stick to. That idea is obviously not true. It does nothing to chance the speed of your bike and only takes away a key safety feature from the bike or any other vehicle for that matter. Seeing what is behind you is a vital part of safe road use and removing that in an attempt to look cool or good is foolish. You are endangering yourself and other road users.

Stereo Systems

Wanting to listen to something while riding is nothing bad or negative. High-quality stereo systems are a must have in a car for example. But a motorcycle isn’t a car and listening to loud music while riding isn’t a viable option. The wind rushing as you speed past is loud enough, added to that are the exhaust sounds and that you are wearing a helmet, so hearing anything at all isn’t easy. Plus, there is no real room to add a decent stereo system to most motorcycles. In short, adding a sound system to a motorcycle is a waste of time and money, not to mention the added distraction it can cause when riding.


That’s it for part 2 and it completes our list of pointless mods that squids and other riders add to their bike. Do you have any of these mods on your ride? If so, are you going to change them after reading our list?

Remember, there is nothing wrong with adding your own style to your machine, but be sensible and make sure you stay safe at all times.