Is Riding with Your Partner a Good Idea? Here are 10 Reasons Why it’s Great

Is Riding with Your Partner a Good Idea? Here are 10 Reasons Why it’s Great

We are all guilty of enjoying a ride with our friends, but more and more women are riding. So, whether you are a guy or a gal, here are ten reasons to why riding with your partner is great.

About 12% of all riders in America are women, which is a slight increase from 2009, when it was 10.5%. In Australia, women account for 10% of all riders and their ages range from 20s to 60s. This is evidence that women no longer want to be just a pillion, and we encourage more women to get on the saddle and ride their own machine.

Without further ado, here are ten reasons why to ride with your partner.

1. A Common Interest

Sharing an interest with your partner is good for any relationship, as you can both follow a passion together, rather than one half staying at home.

There are no worries about having to be back to see your other half, you can ride together is a relaxed environment, enjoying the ride. Riding together will also create loads of shared memories, both bad and good, but experiences you shared and can look back at together.

2. Quality Together Time

Modern day lives are extremely busy. Escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life on your bike is a great way to enjoy some together time. Whether you’re stopping at your favorite café for a break, or using a high-quality Bluetooth headset, you can have a relaxed one-on-one conversation. Rides no longer have to be in silent, chat with your partner no matter if they are riding pillion or their own machine.

3. Improved Communication

Spending time together will lead to better communication between you both. Many relationship issues stem from a lack of good communication.

When you’re on a motorcycle adventure, there is hardly time to argue, especially if you are in awe of your surroundings. When you are enjoying a ride, all other problems leave your mind and you live in the moment, as cliché as that sounds, it’s true.

Plus, there is always something to talk about. You might be planning your next bike, next trip, or thinking about what color to spray your machine with high-quality motorcycle paint.

4. Shared Friendships

We all know that riding motorbikes leads to life-long friendships, and riding with your partner means that those friendships are shared between you and can be related back to point 1, you all have a common interest: Motorcycles.

There is evidence that shared friendships are good for a relationship, even if you only see these buddies on riding days or weekend escapes.

5. Riding Keeps You Young

There are hundreds of reasons why we ride, but I think the whole community can agree: riding makes you feel younger. It requires a certain level of physical fitness and staying in good health with your partner can also be positive for the relationship.

Being fit and healthy, both in body and mind, lets positivity seep into all aspects of your life, and that includes family life. Who doesn’t feel young at heart with the open road in front of them and sat on the saddle of their trusted metal steed?

6. Be Sexier in the Eyes of Your Partner

A British insurance broker, Carol Nash, ran an independent study to find out once and for all if the public views bikers as sexier than car drivers. They asked 1,000 people to rate how attractive the opposite sex appeared and then showed them models wearing riding gear and then wearing normal clothes.

In 5 out of the 6 comparisons between riding gear and normal clothed, the models dressed in riding gear wear voted sexier. So, there is a high chance your partner will find you sexier when you’re both dressed in your jacket and helmet.

7. Women are Safer Riders

There are various studies done on this subject, and they all came to the same conclusion: women are safer riders and represent a smaller percentage of motorcycle accidents when compared to men.

The gals are also more willing to seek rider training, as they don’t have the ego which prevents a high number of men from partaking in extra training.

Women also tend to be more interested in the social and travelling aspects of riding, rather than going hell bent for leather and the adrenaline that comes with riding at speed. Riding with your partner will improve the social aspect of riding, that’s for sure.

8. More Bikes Suitable for Women

Because more women are riding now, more motorcycle companies are producing motorcycles suitable for them. This means smaller bikes with advance technology making them easier to handle. This increase in suitable rides has led to more women getting on a bike and feeling confident and safe.

9. Women Who Ride are Happier

If your partner is happy, so are you, right?

Harley Davidson commissioned a survey and Kelton Global conducted it. They interviewed 1013 adult women riders and 1016 non-riders. What they found was that women who ride feel sexier, happier, and more confident. Some of the interesting points in the survey are:

  • More than twice as many women who ride always feel happy (37% vs 16%)
  • Nearly four times as many always feel sexy (27% vs 7%)
  • Nearly twice as many always feel confident (35% vs 18%)
  • Almost two in three women who ride have good communication with their partner (60% vs 38%)
  • Half of women riders have good physical intimacy experiences (51% vs 35%)

Those numbers are clear to me, a woman who rides is a happy woman.

10. Improved Intimacy

Riding a motorcycle, regardless of what, where or how you ride, is a passion. It is exciting, exhilarating and makes you feel like you are enjoying life to the fullest.

This passion for riding leads to better intimate relations in the bedroom when couples ride together. Many couples agree that a bike ride puts them in the mood when they get home, especially after the close contact of riding pillion.

Now you know all the reasons why, it’s time to get out and enjoy riding with your partner!