•   Excessive film thickness or "piling on" of heavy wet coats.
  •   Placing a newly painted finish in hot sun too soon after spraying.
  •   Using lacquer thinner to reduce synthetic enamel.
  •   Spraying in extreme hot, humid weather conditions.
  •   Under reduced and/or too fast evaporating thinner/reducer for spray conditions.
  •   Air pressure too low during spray application.
  •   Force drying of air-dry enamels without the recommended additives.


  •   If defects are minor; Sand the top surface smooth, allow to cure and refinish.
  •   If defects are severe; Remove the affected area and refinish.


  •   Avoid excessive film thickness and heavy coats. Always allow for sufficient flash times.
  •   Keep newly painted finish away from direct sunlight until finish has dried/cured.
  •   Use reducer that is specifically recommended for the topcoat.
  •   Use the recommended reducer, additive, and/or retarder when spraying in hot humid weather.
  •   Select recommend thinner/reducer based on temperature, humidity, air movement, and size of repair.
  •   Use the proper reduction ratio and spray at recommended air pressure.
  •   Select the recommended additives to suit drying conditions. Follow force dry temperatures and time recommendations.