•   Color not thoroughly stirred/agitated.
  •   Color over-thinned/reduced.
  •   Substrate not uniform in color.
  •   Wrong color undercoat used.
  •   Insufficient number of color coats applied.


  •   Apply additional coats of color until hiding is achieved.
  •   Or, sand and apply similar colored undercoat/ground coat and refinish.


  •   Stir or shake paint material thoroughly, making sure all pigment is in solution/suspension.
  •   Thin/reduce according to product label directions.
  •   Use a sealer or ground coat to provide a uniform color before topcoating.
  •   Use an undercoat that is similar in color to the topcoat.
  •   Spray until hiding is achieved.

  NOTE: SPRAY MONITORS (hiding power labels, opacity charts) provide a contrasting feature by which to observe the hiding power or transparency of topcoat color during spray application. When black and white can no longer be seen through the color, complete coverage is achieved.