Basecoat (Solid, Metallic and Pearls) Colors Application Questions

What is a 2-stage paint?

This is the application of a basecoat with a protective clear coat over it.

Is this the same original OEM paint used on the earlier model bikes?

No, the paints used back then are a lacquer base applied as a single-stage application. Honda never sold any of their paints to the public or industrial market. One private business did however market a 3 oz. touch-up custom mixed paint in small touch-up amounts for re-sell. Note--the touch-up cans were custom mixed from OEM parts purchased from Honda factories and are NOT the original paint used on Honda bikes.

VMR Paints uses premium basecoat toners that have great coverage (requiring fewer coats) and are easier to apply.

How can I be sure the color will match the original Honda color?

We have spend thousands dollars on a variety of premium basecoats and OEM preserved Honda parts. Our paint formulas are developed using high-tech scanners to read the color pigments on preserved these original parts. This information is entered in a database that allow us the reproduce the OEM color.

How many coats will it take to achieve the proper color?

The number of coats will vary depending on the color, airflow and tip adjustment. It's always recommended to do a sprayout test first. In most cases, it may takes 2-3 coats on average.


Can I use my own primer, clearcoat or any others with VMR Paints products?

We cannot make guarantees using other products in combination with our paint systems. VMR Paints does not test its products with outside paint systems 


Where do I find the paint code for my vintage motorcycle color?

Virtually all vintage production motorcycle paint codes are obsolete to modern paint systems. All of our paints are carefully formulated to match preserved OEM colors.


Can I take the product code number from the can to my local paint shop and have this paint reproduced?

No, the code number associated with each of our products are for VMR's reference only. This is used to identify the mixing formula that is entered into our system. These codes have no value to any other paint company.


I seen on the Internet a list of Honda paint codes, are these codes legit?

No, any vintage codes related to Honda motorcycles are most likely the product code number issued by Lubritech Corp in the early 1970's. These number have no meaning in the automotive and motorcycle paint industry today. Each of our paints are carefully formulated to match preserved OEM colors.

What is meant by a Sprayout Test?

Before you proceed with paint application to the bike, prep and spray a piece of metal sheet or fresh test panel. Count the number of coats you applied to achieve the proper depth of color and use this sprayout test to adjust your settings on the air flow, regulators and spray pattern on your gun.

Can the average handyman painter apply a basecoat with professional results?

With basic painting skills and proper preparation of the substrate (bike parts), our premium basecoat paints can be applied with success. As always, we stress that a sprayout test before painting your bike is a critical and time worthy step to save money and work upfront.

Are these paints chemical resistant to gas and oil?

Yes, the paints are chemical resistant. These paints with a proper clear coat finish provide the same durability and longevity of automobiles.

What is Flash Time?

This is a reference to the amount of time needed in between coats. Proper flash time prevents solvents from being trapped in the paint that can cause problems like solvent pop, sand scratch swelling, and low gloss for topcoats.