Soft Film


  •   Applying undercoat and/or topcoat excessively wet.
  •   Insufficient dry time between coats.
  •   Improper shop ventilation or heating.
  •   Adding too much or too little hardener to the paint material.
  •   Using the incorrect thinner/reducer for spray conditions.
  •   Omission of drier in enamel/urethane topcoats.


  •   Allow additional dry time, maintaining a shop temperature of 70 degrees fahrenheit or above.
  •   Or, force dry following temperature and time recommendations.
  •   Or, remove soft paint film and refinish.


  •   Use recommended spray gun, fluid tip and air cap for the material being sprayed. Always adjust the gun for best atomization and balance spray pattern before paint application.
  •   Allow sufficient flash time between coats.
  •   Maintain shop temperature at 70 degrees fahrenheit or above for proper dry/cure.
  •   Use the recommended hardener and measure accurately.
  •   Select appropriate thinner/reducer based on temperature, humidity, air movement, and size of repair. Allow additional flash time when spraying in high temperature/high humidity or low temperature/high humidity conditions.
  •   Add the correct amount of drier that is specifically listed in the color formulation.