•   Material not properly stirred or agitated.
  •   Failure to strain material.
  •   Using material exceeding its shelf life.
  •   Using generic reducers and/or hardeners.
  •   Using materials beyond their specified pot life.
  •   Using contaminated thinner/reducer or hardener.
  •   Using contaminated water borne products.


  •   Remove the wet paint film with solvent, clean and refinish.
  •   Or, sand smooth and refinish.


  •   Stir or shake materials thoroughly to be sure all pigment/resin is in solution.
  •   Strain all undercoats and topcoats.
  •   Do not use material that cannot be stirred or strained. Caution: Repeated straining will not completely remove seediness.
  •   Use the recommended thinner/reducer and hardener, and then measure accurately.
  •   Mix only enough material that can be used within specified pot life.
  •   Use material as soon as possible, close and tighten container lids immediately after use.
  •   Do not allow thinner/reducer to come into contact with water borne products.