Returns & Refunds

Refunds and Returns:

Our paint is all custom mixed the match the OEM colors. Once the paint has been mixed it become property of the buyer.

All our colors are special orders custom mixed the match the OEM colors. Special custom and tri-coat applications orders colors are non returnable or refundable. VMR Paints has performed numerous sprayout test to be sure you are receiving a guaranteed color match to the OEM Harley-Davidson color. VMR Paints operates in good faith and will always be fair with it's customers if there is an issue.

If the color has been applied to the bike or structure, this voids any guarantee and/or warranties offer by VMR Paints.  VMR Paints must be notified in writing within (7) days (including holidays and weekends) after the delivery has been made of any concerns.  
************ No returns after 30 days. 
Please Note:  In some cases, we may except returns on paint colors that the customer feels does not match and/or we may resend a new order in good faith once the original color has been returned. Once again, no refunds will be authorize. VMR Paints must be notified in writing within (7) days (including holidays and weekends) after the delivery has been made of any concerns. We strongly suggest to perform a sprayout test prior to the application. If there is a color issue, we will work with you to reslove the problem quickly.

How to deal with color issues:

  •    Contact our business directly via email ( about returns, refunds or any questions, please forward      the information to us immediately.  One of our staff member will respond ASAP to your questions or concerns.
  •    Attach photos of the sprayout card(s) compared to your original OEM color when contacting VMR Paints. These sprayout cards must be thorough and complete.
  •    Include in email a detailed description of the application process, colors applied including number of coats.
  •    If VMR Paints agrees that the color may be wrong based upon the sprayout photos, application process, you will be asked to return the full shipment order back to us in the same condition as received. We will not except any return(s) that have not meet these criteria's.
  •    Any refunds will be prorated based upon the amounts used, less the original shipping cost.
  •    Customer is responsible for the cost of returns, including taxes and any additional shipping charges that may occur.
  •  25% restocking fee apply to returned orders.
  •    VMR Paints will not except any unauthorized returns. These products will been sent back at the shipper expense