Orange Peel


  •   Under reduction and/or air pressure too low.
  •   Thinner/reducer evaporates too fast for spray conditions.
  •   Excessive film thickness or piling on of heavy wet coats.
  •   Improper spray gun set-up.
  •   Improper painting technique.


  •   Compound or polish to reduce surface texture.
  •   Or, sand smooth with 1200 or finer grit sandpaper, compound and polish to restore gloss.
  •   Or, sand smooth and refinish.


  •   Use proper reduction ratio and spray at recommended air pressure.
  •   Select recommended thinner/reducer based on temperature, humidity, air movement, and size of repair.
  •   Avoid heavy coats and excessive film thickness.
  •   Use recommended spray gun, fluid tip and air cap for the material being sprayed. Always adjust the gun for best atomization and balanced           spray pattern before paint application.
  •   During paint application, hold the gun perpendicular and parallel to the surface. Adjust speed of pass, pattern overlap, and distance from the        panel to achieve the desired appearance.