VMR Paints Specializes in Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Paint.

Your bike is what makes life an adventure - an instrument of freedom. Riding is the sensation of flying over the open road, with everything around you cranked up to 10 in all of your senses. Just like you, your bike has a story - and just like you, that story is unique. VMR Paints are the colors of that story.

Nothing changes the look of a bike more than color. We have painstakingly color matched our catalog to be as true to color as it can be. We know that there aren’t codes for a lot of the older paint, but we have gone as far as taking parts into bike museums to spot check colors that are so old they don’t even have paint codes.

If you want to stay true to the original colors, we have you covered. We specialize in mixing the highest quality restoration paints available. VMR Paints is the most affordable way to get high quality motorcycle paint without the hassle of working with a distributor or shop.

If you are looking for Vintage Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Paint VMR paints is your best option for Motorcycle Paint online!