•   Excessive film thickness of the undercoat and/or topcoat.
  •   Refinishing over a previously crazed/cracked surface.
  •   Insufficient flash time between coats and/or force drying undercoats using air from the spray gun.
  •   Mixing incorrectly or using too much hardener.
  •   Paint ingredients not thoroughly stirred or agitated.
  •   Breakdown of finish due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperature changes
  •   Using generic reducers and/or hardeners.


  • Remove all cracked paint film and refinish.


  •   Apply all materials following label direction.
  •   Completely remove crazed/cracked finishes before refinishing.
  •   Do not force dry undercoats by fanning with spray gun air.
  •   Mix ingredients thoroughly using the recommended additives. Add each component in proper sequence following the recommended mixing         ratio.
  •   Stir or agitate materials thoroughly before use to ensure all ingredients are in solution.
  •   Use premium two component undercoat and topcoat system to provide maximum gloss and durability.
  •   Use the recommended thinner/reducer and hardener, and then measure accurately.