Color Matching Questions

Does VMR Paints paints offer a perfect or an exact match to my motorcycle's original color?

You will never achieve a "perfect or exact match" unless you use the exact paint from the exact can with the same equipment, application and conditions the OEM was painted with. That said, over the years multitudes of our customers are greatly satisfied with their paint results. VMR Paints has successfully matched some of the most difficult colors and we sell many colors to custom bike shops, body shops, online customers as well as dealerships.

How can I be sure the color will match the original OEM color?

We invest in a variety of premium basecoat, midcoat toners and OEM preserved parts, then use modern paint matching technology to accurately determine and formulate paints.

The process is much different when it comes to matching candies. These color are very difficult to match because of the outdated finishes applied many years ago. Scanners can not easily read candy finishes because of the depth of the metallic finish. To properly obtain the correct finish, we've invested many hours and basecoat and midcoat paint on each color alone. The process requires good old fashion trial and error. We first must determine the basecoat color that works with the candy color, then perform spray out tests to compare to OEM stock parts we purchased and preserved in unfaded condition

Is this the same original OEM paint used on the earlier model bikes?

No, many paints used back then are a lacquer based and applied as single-stage paints.

VMR Paints uses premium urethane colors that feature low build, fewer coats and are easier to apply. Due to their unique chemical make-up they may be clear coated with either an acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel.

How many coats will it take to achieve the proper color?

The number of coats will vary depending on the color, airflow and tip adjustment. It's always recommended to do a sprayout test first. In most cases, it may takes 2-3 coats on an average.

What is meant by a Sprayout Test?

Before you proceed with bike applications, prep a piece of metal sheet or test panel with primer and count the number of coats you applied to the achieve the proper depth of color. Use this sprayout test to adjust the settings on the air flow, regulators and spray pattern on your gun to reproduce on the bike parts.