Pigment is no longer held and protected by resin, resulting in a powder-like surface and lack of gloss due to:

  • Natural weathering of the paint film;
  • Improper application of paint material;
  • Using generic thinner/reducer and/or hardener in the paint material;
  • Excessive use of mist/fog coats when applying single stage metallic finishes.


  • Compound to remove oxidation and polish to restore gloss or sand to remove "weathered" paint film and refinish.


  • Weekly washing and occasional polishing or waxing will remove oxidation from the finish.
  • Thoroughly stir, shake or agitate all paint materials.
  • Use the recommended thinner/reducer,hardener, and measure accurately.
  • When spraying single stage metallic finishes, apply mist/fog coats panel by panel while finish is still wet.