Catalyst / Hardeners / Activators

Will the catalyst / hardener / activators I have work with the products VMR Paints sells?

VMR Paint products are formulated to work within our product system where as other products are formulated differently to work in their own systems. When you mix products from other systems you risk conflicts in formulation which could spell disaster for your custom job

What is the shelf life for the catalyst / hardener / activator?

Under most conditions our sealed containers, the shelf life is estimated 60-90 days unopened. Once the container has been exposed the fresh air they will begin to solidify in 5-7 days

Does candy paints require a catalyst?

Yes, but some of our candy products, no catalyst is required. We provide the mix ratio on the side of each label.

Can I spray without the required catalyst / hardener / activator?

No, the paint will not properly harden and will create major issues when cleared.